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How would you like to make money for the rest of your life, whether you work or not? Articles that you write can continue to generate income as long as online readers view them. State-of-the-art tracking allows you to view detailed reports of your earnings and pageviews, updated daily.

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Yahoo pays for short stories, opinions, facts, news, restaurant reviews, book and movie reviews, product reviews, interesting true or fiction stories, and more.

It's free to sign up as a writer ("contributor"). There are no hidden fees or fine print. You will never be charged for anything. There are no pressured deadlines. Work at your own pace, and submit articles whenever you like.

After you submit your article online, and after it is published, you earn cash every time someone looks at one of your pages (a "pageview"). Your published articles keep generating income for you as long as people view them. This method of payment is called "performance payments," where the writer earns money for every pageview. However, writers can opt for up-front payment of an article too. It's your choice whenever you submit an article.

How much money will I make writing?

  • If you choose "performance payments" where you are paid for each pageview of your article, you will make between 15¢ and 20¢ for every 100 pageviews. Beginners start out at 15¢ per 100 pageviews, and the pay increases with the number of articles you publish and the number of pageviews that your articles accumulate. For example, ten 3-page articles (about 600-700 words each) which are read by 1,000 people per month calculates out to 30,000 pageviews monthly, generating between $45 and $60 per month, every month!

    Your articles continue to generate income for you, long after they have been published, as long as readers continue to view your pages. If your article is well written and interesting to the general public, it can generate income indefinitely.

  • If you choose up-front payment for your article, you will settle on a negotiated rate with Yahoo, whatever that amount may be.
How will I be paid?
Each month, the money that is generated by your writings is automatically transferred into your free PayPal account. It is free to sign up for a PayPal account at PayPal.com. You may withdraw your PayPal money or make purchases throughout the internet and pay for those purchases with your PayPal money. Complete details are available when you sign up for your free PayPal account.

How will people find my articles on the internet?
After your articles are published, they are quickly indexed by the Internet's major search engines and read by viewers worldwide.

Once signed up, you may wish to take advantage of free tutorials, writer's forums, writer's community support, online guidance and/or assistance. All the tools you need to be successful are offered free of charge!

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